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Chao Shang

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www.chaoshang.net is a platform for people of  Chaoshan area(Shantou,Chaozhou and Jieyang Cities in China),Chaoshang means Chaoshan Businessmen.Chaoshan people ,like Jews,are good at business,eg. Li Ka-shing,Ma Huateng (also known as Pony Ma) .Chaoshan area has a long tradition of business,from the beginning of Ming Dynasty,the business has been booming in Chaozhou,commercial activities in early trendsetter maritime trade as the driving force of social and economic development,the Chaoshan culture play a deep market brand,with the formation of traditional Chinese restraining the Confucian culture different business culture."Shantou is the only port with a commercial sinificance in China," Engels,a revolutionary mentor, wrote in Russia's success in the far east"

In August,2003,our CEO,Mr. Linwei,as a local Chaoshan People,established www.chaoshang.net ,to share Chaoshan culture and global business information with Chaoshan businessman.Nowadays,every day there are lots of visitors around the world and plays an important role in the Chaoshan culture and world's business.